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Be nice to yourself, choose a good broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

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Doors and windows are a very important part of the house decoration process. We must not only have the requirements for room comfort, warmth and safety, but also consider the overall visual effect.

Doors and windows are a very important part of the house decoration process. We must not only have the requirements for room comfort, warmth and safety, but also consider the overall visual effect.

Wealthy people can ask design professionals to take care of the renovation project. If the budget is small, they can only bite the bullet and learn while decorating, but no matter what the situation, a certain knowledge of doors and windows is essential!

Doors and windows integrate a variety of materials such as profiles, hardware, glass and auxiliary materials. The design needs to consider aesthetics, structural mechanics, light and heat energy conduction control, noise control, wind pressure resistance, air tightness, water tightness, and ease of use. , Durability and weather resistance.

On the one hand, there are many factors that need to be considered for the product, and at the same time, the degree of market regulation is very poor. Therefore, when choosing doors and windows, everyone will face many misunderstandings and traps. Next, the editor of Meizhixuan Doors and Windows will combine experience and give you some suggestions for choosing doors and windows.

Choose doors and windows, preferably "broken bridge aluminum doors and windows"

Because aluminum alloy is a good conductor of heat and poor thermal insulation, the original aluminum alloy doors and windows will affect the comfort and environmental protection of the home to a certain extent. Before the broken bridge technology came out, aluminum alloy basically withdrew from the selection of doors and windows due to its heat insulation problem, but the emergence of broken bridge technology saved the aluminum alloy door and window market. Therefore, in the decoration process, unless the money is too tight, it is generally recommended to use broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. In addition to your own comfort, in the long run, energy saving and reducing energy consumption can actually save money.

The choice of doors and windows depends on the opening method

It is also very important to choose a suitable way to open doors and windows in residences! Common window opening methods include: sliding, outward opening, inward opening and inverted, top hanging, etc.

Sliding windows were very popular before, they were cheap, did not take up space, and were easy to use. But the main problem of sliding windows is poor sealing, easy to leak air and water, and poor sound insulation performance. Outside windows are also a type of window that is more commonly used. The main feature is that it does not occupy indoor space. However, due to the hidden safety hazards of outside windows, there is a risk of falling from high altitudes. There are few foreign windows using outside windows. The code also stipulates that buildings with more than 7 floors cannot use external windows.

Inwardly opening and inverted windows, because they do not occupy indoor space when they are inverted, the curtains can be opened and closed freely, and the lifting hangers will not conflict with the window sashes; children can play freely without worrying about head or body hitting the corner of the window or falling outside the window; When it is inverted, the room is naturally ventilated. The wind blows in from the side of the window and does not directly blow into the body, which makes it more comfortable. When there is light breeze and light rain, the raindrops will only splash on the glass and will not splash into the room. Inwardly opening and inverted windows began to be popular in Europe, and then spread to China, and have become standard products for high-end windows. Most of the casement windows of foreign brands are around 1,000 yuan.

The choice of door and window hardware:

Door hardware accessories are a bit more expensive, and door hardware requirements are relatively high. There is a big gap between brands. When choosing, you can compare more, and don’t lose too much.