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Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

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Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows can be said to be a relatively high-end product in the door and window industry. One of its major features is good strength, very good heat insulation, sound insulation and heat preservation. Compared with other materials of doors and windows, its insulation The thermal insulation effect is several times stronger than that. Moreover, its lighting performance is also very good, with good heat insulation, lighting, and the sealing effect is also very good, can effectively block any external noise, coupled with its corrosion resistance, As a result, this kind of door and window has a very good cost performance, and it has become one of the better performance door and window materials. And its market demand is constantly increasing in many high-end residential areas, and its applications can be seen in office buildings in many large cities.

  The advantages of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows-heat insulation

  Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have excellent thermal insulation properties, so in winter, they can play a role in keeping warm, so that the indoor temperature remains relatively stable. In summer, the weather is relatively hot. At this time, the indoor temperature will be lower than the outdoor temperature. This material has the effect of keeping cool. Such doors and windows are very suitable for the complex climate characteristics of the south.

  The advantages of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows-water resistance

   The doors and windows are waterproof. This is to use the principle of pressure balance to design a drenching system. At the same time, there is a sliding design slope stepped type, which can ensure the indoor drainage. Generally, drainage outlets are set up, which will make the drainage unblocked. When the water tightness is good, water resistance is generally a factor that people consider when buying doors and windows.

  The advantages of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows-safety

   For the choice of doors and windows, safety is generally the first consideration for people, because doors and windows are to ensure indoor safety. The doors and windows of this material are equipped with anti-theft and anti-loosening. Then it is equipped with a hardware lock, which is to ensure that the window can maintain a stable and safe function during use, and it is also very convenient to use.

  The advantages of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows-noise

  Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have the effect of noise prevention and sound insulation. The structure of the doors and windows are carefully designed, and the seams are very tight. There is too much noise in the city, so the aluminum doors and windows of the broken bridge are becoming more and more popular. Doors and windows of this quality can ensure that residents on both sides of the highway will no longer be disturbed by noise.

  The advantages of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows-wind pressure resistance

   doors and windows have to withstand the baptism of wind and rain, so the material must be selected to resist wind pressure. This is due to the hollow design of the inner frame of this material, so the ability to resist wind pressure deformation is also strong, which achieves anti-vibration properties. The air tightness of this kind of door and window is better than any aluminum or plastic window, and it can also ensure that there is no dust on the indoor window sill and floor board.