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Regular broken bridge aluminum doors and windows order

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Regular broken bridge aluminum doors and windows order


Aluminum-plastic doors, windows, doors and windows are known as the eyes of the building and are an important part of the building. They not only provide rich decorative effects for the facade of the building, but also play important practical functions in the building. The original function of the doors and windows in the building is ventilation. With the development of the construction industry, the functions of doors and windows have developed more diversified. Modern doors and windows can not only achieve basic functions such as noise isolation, wind and rain, thermal insulation, ventilation, etc., but also Informatization and intelligent control, wind and rain, automatic induction lock, mobile phone remote interconnection control, etc.

Yuanheng (Shenyang) Commercial Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. is an integrated kitchen engineering company integrating R&D, design, installation, after-sales, repair and maintenance.


Broken aluminum doors and windows are rainstorms or typhoons. The gas pressure in the airtight cavity of the doors and windows is always the same as that of the outdoors, and there will be no rainwater intrusion. The watertight performance of the doors and windows is guaranteed on the fundamental principle. In addition, the watertight performance of the doors and windows cannot be improved by blocking alone. It is realized by water. Conventional doors and windows often rely on sealant on the inside and outside of the glass to play a waterproof role. However, there are many uncontrollable factors in the glue construction. The level of glue workers will directly affect the quality of the sealant construction. There may be hidden dangers in construction quality.


After 2~3 years of system window testing and testing, the diamond mesh screen window can be put on the market. The research and development test of the system window is more complicated than ordinary windows, and the research and development cost of the system window is higher than that of the energy-saving external window; later service: system window manufacturer from Design, construction, and post-services are all involved, and provide systematic solutions. The investment in human and financial resources is relatively high, and the cost is also high; comprehensive performance: the performance of the system window is in water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, and mechanical A series of properties such as mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, sun shading, weather resistance, and operating feel need to be considered.

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.Operation positioning: the kitchen and restaurant supplies are sold online, and the factory price is directly operated by the housekeeper.

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Regular broken bridge aluminum doors and windows order

The second part of the sun room is the contact of thin metal walls, and the sealing is not guaranteed, resulting in water leakage at the splicing part. Ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows generally do not deal with this part, or just symbolically apply some glass sealant at the splicing place, which can be said to be basically not For the purpose of sealing, the system doors and windows have taken special measures in this part, installing a grooved stainless steel or aluminum alloy clip, on the one hand, it strengthens the connection at the thin wall and avoids the joint at the joint; on the other hand, , By injecting glue between the stainless steel clip and the profile.


Most people think that to buy high-quality doors and windows, pay attention to the quality of the obvious parts of the doors and windows such as aluminum, glass, accessories, etc., but do not understand some of the professional performance requirements of doors and windows, and pay more attention to factors such as product quality and cost performance. In the initial consumer ideology, high-quality doors and windows are equivalent to high-performance doors and windows. High-quality doors and windows = high-quality profiles + glass + accessories rubber strips + processing technology + installation technology +... high-performance doors and windows = high-performance profiles × glass × accessories rubber strips × processing technology × installation technology


The recent catering equipment products provided are of the same level in the same industry; and we cooperate and act as an agent for dozens of well-known domestic kitchen equipment and appliance brands; the products are suitable for star hotels, large, medium and small catering and chain institutions; colleges Schools, railways and other enterprises and institutions.

System doors and windows improve the performance of doors and windows, and the use of high-performance system doors and windows will also become one of the important selling points for real estate developers to promote residential products. Examples of system doors and windows energy saving: 100 square meters of two rooms and one hall, window area of about 30 square meters, system doors and windows The heat insulation performance is better than ordinary doors and windows. Let's calculate the relevant data: Conditions: 1. Use ordinary doors and windows to turn on the air conditioner every day, and the power consumption is 30°; 2. Use the system doors and windows to turn on the air conditioner every day, and the power consumption is 25°. 3. Electricity fee is calculated at 1 yuan/hour.

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